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“I’m not evil. I’m justice, and I am better than Light.” He brought back his hand again, completely blind to anything but his anger, when it stopped in mid-air. His eyes widened, realising he’d gotten carried away. “…Crap.” His grip on the others shirt loosened and he pushed L back into a sitting position that wouldn’t involve him falling over if he fainted. He couldn’t have L fainting now, that would involve waking him up again, which would take a while as he hardly slept as it was. Besides, he didn’t want to hurt him that badly really.

“Stay awake, Ryuzaki.” That whimper twinged his stomach, and not in a good way. More like L was vulnerable really, and he was hurting someone innocent. He grabbed a tissue and mopped up some of the blood leaking out of his nose.

          Better than Light. That was not true. Not at all. If it wasn’t for how dizzy L felt, he would probably keep throwing comments in the other one’s face until he was beaten up completely, but seeing how easy it was to finish him off made him reconsider and stay silent. His eyes closed lazily, because he truly did feel tired, and just a little nap wouldn’t hurt.. Just being able to relax for a tiny bit without having to face Kira.

           What if Kira killed him when he was unconscious? L tried to keep the thought ringing in his head to make him stay awake, but he failed miserably, and after just a few seconds, he did truly start to black out. The reason behind his weak state was obviously the lack of sleep and that he never got the help he had gotten from Watari when he was around, and it had weakened him a lot more than he thought. Then he heard that name. The name that he knew Light would use instead of L which was a name Kira used way too much, but the detective didn’t stay conscious long enough to respond, vision fading, and him being completely unconscious for the time being.

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“Just shut up.” He ground his teeth together, completely failing at keeping himself calm and in control. Ever since the almost death, his temper had been incredibly hard to deal with. That outburst had only brought his emotions to the surface. “Why do you devote your life to bringing me down? You ruined everything, manipulate me into doing anything you want me to. I’m not letting you control me.” The blood was satisfying, and he found himself punching the other again.

          He was going to answer when another punch was thrown at him, causing him to whimper now. That was a sound people seldom heard from the detective. More blood now, even his lip had been ripped a tiny bit, but not much and L ignored the metallic taste. “You manipulated yourself, using this boy’s body as a toy for you to take over, Kira. This is why my goal is to end you. Because you are evil.” He was simply being honest, and he even started to feel slightly dizzy. “L-ight—.. kun.. I’m.. Starting to lose consciousness..”

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maybe she could stay for a little bit. its not like she had things to do. her eyes lit up when she saw the cake. sweets fascinated her. “m-may i have some cake?”


          L blinked when he realized she was still there. He couldn’t help but feel slightly uneasy around her, but that was no reason to start disliking her in any way. When she asked him for some cake, he looked down at it and then back up at her. “There’s some in the fridge in the kitchen—” He pointed out the direction. “You can go take some there.”


Well, obviously he believed that he was. Flesh and blood couldn’t be denied by those that were gifted with them- but this L was clearly very solid. Unusually solid. He didn’t believe in ghosts, but it would have been much easier to digest if the being in front of him wasn’t so real.

“Clearly you are, but…how? Roger told us that you were dead. That was years ago.”


          Indeed it was,” he mumbled silently before he let out some kind of sigh. “I will explain it all to you, don’t worry.”

          The detective scratched his head before he looked at the younger one with a rather serious look on his face, just to make sure everything he said would be taken seriously once he had told it. “I never died, Near,” he began. “It was all an act. A drastic move to get Kira out. However, it was only a move known by myself. Not even Watari knew. This idea came to me around the time we discovered the Death Note, and I read the rules in it.. However, Watari died. It was unexpected, and I took the chance to put up the act. I knew that Yagami-kun was Kira, there was absolutely no doubt, but I had nothing to continue on. So.. I took the advantage of Watari’s death to see once and for all.. If Light-kun truly was the killer we was after, and I was proven right.

But, I couldn’t jump up and yell it out. I couldn’t come back to finish it. Therefore I let it go to my successors. You did a great job, and I am very proud of you. I observed from a distance, never revealing that I was alive. It might sound selfish, but look at is as a test. You passed. Both you and.. Mello.” He looked down a little, raven colored bangs shadowing half of his face now.



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That’s what he hated about L. Acting as if nothing affected him, as if he was so superior to everyone else. His hand twitched, anger evident on his face. He didn’t want to hit L and prove him right, but he couldn’t help lifting his other hand and punching the detective square in the nose. “Don’t call me a murderer.”

          He knew that his words made the other one angered, and it wasn’t a goal to make him so. The punch made him let out a groan in pain, and after a few seconds he could feel a warm drop trail from his nose and down his skin. Blood. Didn’t come as a surprise. The detective looked at Light, still no change in his expression. “Y’know, that hurt more than your punches usually do, do you wish to murder me that much, Light-kun?” He was just making it worse for himself, he knew that, but what else was he to do? L wasn’t the type to stop talking when it was best.

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